Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Latest Project

Well I managed to sneak my way into the office and design another thing for Sister Albright before she left.  Sister Albright once shared a story that talked about a spectator on an airplane watching 2 missionaries on a plan.  One of the missionaries was laying asleep on the airplane absolutly exhasted and his shoes were worn and beat up along with his suit.  While another one of the missionaries was, to put it simple, looking fresh.  I wish I could find the story and maybe if Sister Albright sees this she can comment what the real story is because I fear I make stuff up too much sometimes. 
Although this is not a very impressive design and not my best work I still like it and wish I had more time to fine tune it.  I wish I had a picture of the paper that we used to come up with the ideas for this so you guys could see the progression that I see happen every time I design something.  I have learned a lot of life lessons from watching the design process take place. 
I made two final products for this project.  The only difference was what the text said.  My favorite is the one that isn't show here but says "We Walk In Christ's Footsteps" 
I'll see if I can hunt down the story and share it. 
Much love from the east coast!

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