Monday, May 24, 2010

Photo brainstorming

I am in need of assistance in brainstorming ideals of photos i can take. I have a few i may try but am always open for more :) anything is the limit let your imagination soar! I am looking for someone that will push my skills as far as lighting goes so the trickier the better!

Camera Gear

I am pleased to announce that i am the proud owner of a vivitar 285hv flash (hopefully its a good choice as my first off camera flash) I also picked up a promaster slave module which makes my current hot shoe flash into a slave. Which means, for those who dont know, that when a flash is fired it will fire as well. so I've got a two light kit for around 130(my parents bought my promaster flash so cant count that). Now all i need to do is actually put them to a good use :P if anyone is interested in suffering through my not so great people skills while taking photos but hopefully get photos that would work then let me know. I'm also hoping to start making a profit off my photos so if anybody would like an enlarged picture of mine to hang let me know :) I realize there isn't a large selection but there will be :) I am hoping this summer to tour at least utah and get all the temples located here as well as a bunch of nature shots

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Google Chrome

Here is a google commercial for all of you google chrome fans who actually read my blog... i thought it was pretty cool. if anything its a fun little video.


here is something i wrote a while ago after watching gladiator :) decided to post it after all... sorry for the long posts.

Who will help carry me?... in other words who have i helped, who has benefited from my life, who have i touched enough that they would have a desire to carry me? We all create are own legend, we are the center of a story but the question is who will remember our story? who will carry the legend of our lives to others. That question is simple to answer. it is the people who are a part of the legend. the little child you blessed with a candy bar, the lady you helped on the road side stranded. so now there is a tougher question... why don't we build the legend we want? why do we sit behind our desks watching the world go by hoping that someone will remember what we have done when we have done nothing? My legend has a very short span probably only a dozen or so who care about me enough to carry me, as well as my legend, in their hearts. but is that enough? or has my mind been corrupted from living in this world that i need more... that peoples life must revolve around me or should my legend be one of the silent hero? The person who creates the legend for self glory or the person who is creating his story for others? I think its both... part of me just wants to be remembered... wants to touch everyones life so that my legend might live on... why isnt 12 enough? I should be able to just accept the 12 who care about me. who will remember me, and focus on helping people just to help their story... not for self gain and let the 12 tell my tale... but then the question comes up that what if they have their story wrong? what if... they don't know me? that would make my legend a lie and the true me would then be forgotten... can i convince my self to trust 12 people with all of me? probably not....

Tuesday, May 11, 2010


This is me having problems knowing what to say in blogs... had a few things i almost posted but they were just random thinkings that made absolutely no sense... which this one will probably end up being anyway oh well :P I need to at least post something once a week right? slowly corrupt myself to the blogging ways. I'm proud to say i bought some more sketch books today and plan on hopefully increasing my ability to draw and maybe even paint. and for those who watch heroes the next step after that is to paint my future :) although i have my doubts that anyone will be reading this so mostly that was for me :P made me feel like I was some part of an elite network of people who waste there days away watching TV which i would like to say isn't me. lately its the only way i've been able to get to sleep and even then it doesn't help much. I would like to apologize to anyone who has read this far. I realize my writing skills are pretty horrific which is one reason i've never bothered having a blog but right now i don't care. At the end of my post i would like to state that today was a relativly good day... made two things of salsa one of which was pretty gross but the other was delicious (sorry cassie maybe next time the sweet salsa will turn out better) and made a pero shake which i have fallen in love with... and thats all you get to hear from me. bye

Friday, May 7, 2010

color problems with firefox

I ran into this when i was trying to fix the color setting on my blog. Firefox tries to correct your colors and if you don't have a monitor which is calibrated correctly it makes the colors look worse. for those of you who care enough to change it here is what someone said on a forum.

"This can be caused by a problem with the color profile for your display monitor.
You can disable color management to test that.
You can set the pref gfx.color_management.mode to 0 on the about:config page to disable Color Management.
You need to close and restart Firefox or maybe even reboot the computer to make the change effective.

or an easier solution is just to switch to google chrome :)

Curse firefox

I have been testing my blog on google chrome and internet explorer and so far its been going pretty well... until today i finaly decided to install firefox and see what it looked like and it doesnt have my background color right and there is a white bar of death on the left side of the picture. yay for more work right?

Thursday, May 6, 2010


I'm not entirely done with getting everything layed out how i want it but feel free to take a look around and tell me what you think would be a good addition to the layout(just add a comment.) thanks for your help! hopefully i can get some content added.

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