Monday, July 16, 2012

I've been hit!

Well this actually happened a few weeks ago but I am just now getting around to telling its tale.  We were make a journey towards the Chapel so that we could play some sports as well as a few games on our p day and we were waiting at a light to turn left.  There were 4 of us sitting in the car and I was driving.  Well I was looking down at my lap at something I had just gotten and everyone else was being boring in the background when out of nowhere I hear this THUD!  and the car shakes... My first thought was... man! I hate getting rear ended.... Well I look in my left side mirror to see who it was that hit me and sure enough there was a lady laying on the ground wiht a bullet bike on top of her... By this time E. Lewis was getting out of the car becuase he saw her hit our car and was rushing out to make sure she was ok and then time sped it. My mind was blown away that that had just happened.  A lady was driving her bike trying to turn right on the road that i was sitting on already.  Being her second time driving she hesitated on how much to lean into the turn and lost controll of her bike which led her over the median and graciously sliding across both my door and the left passenger door and then falling on the ground smashing her knee.  So graciously that there is a skid mark on the window of her helmet going across them. 
The cops get called and all of that stuff is taking care of and come to find out that my comp. E. Coates had seen the whole thing and just watched as she hit the car (I still bring that up ha ha!) but thankfully the only thing that was hurt on her was her knee and she was taken away into the sunset to get that fixed.  While exchanging info with the cops E. yates and his comp walk up and start tlakign with the cop and as we get  talking to him we become best of buds to the point that E. yates pulls him aside and asks to be handcuffed so that he can take a picture.  To our dissapointment the cop said he wasn't allowed to but it was worth a shot! The car is in for repairs now and it needs both doors replaced... Poor Black Pearl ( named by E. Yates)
ITs a short one but hopefully it was a good story!

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  1. Sorry I haven't written for ever! I hope you're doing swell. :)--megan


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