Thursday, November 4, 2010

Game Night

I have decided it is time to establish a night where I have a bunch of people up and play games :) My intention is to start around 7 and play tell about 12 (later on weekends). As far as snacks go I will be able to provide some small treats such as candy and popcorn but I would also like to kind of have it where everybody just brings something if they want and passes it around adding a nice variety of stuff and making it so I'm not completely poor :P

For all those who are interested I will be making a page that will be updated each week with information concerning what type of game we will be playing and the time.

My idea in doing this is to have people comment on the page letting me know if they can come or if there is a better time/day or even if you don't like the game we picked and would like a different one.

Here is a list of games i have at my house to play. If you have a game you would like to bring let me know and we will play it!

Settlers of Catan(3-6): Seafarers, Cities and knights
Ticket to ride
Pirates Cove
Bohnanza: Bonaparte

Please let me know when would work best for you and I will try to do it when its most convenient for everyone.

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