Monday, July 2, 2012

Life without....

One of the most common things talked about when people get ready to leave for a mission is the fact that you are unable to text, watch tv, listen to music... I think to some it can be summorized as you can't live.  (as sad as that is to say).  But with events of this past week over a million people join me in this extreme lack of technology.  Friday night we had a crazy storm which downed trees and, I believe, killed 11 people.  As a result of this storm a million + people have been living without power which means that poeple actually go out and socialize and talk with their neighbors.  Facebook is no longer a means of communication but rather look at peoples faces.  I am still without power which can be hard for sure but I am blessed enough to have a mission president who still has power.  Allowing us to take warm showers and sleep in a cooled house that isn't humid as none other. 

With the power outage the librarys are a lot more busy which means that I have less time to update this and am actually out of time... :(   I hope all is well and don't worry about me we are just kicking it cave man style.


Found some more time... this is a common sight this week.

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  1. The power outage gives you a really cool perspective on your situation. You chose to take something not positive to most people and made it happy. Nice.


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