Sunday, February 5, 2012

Well here it is

This week was Zone Conference week which normally isn't too bad... but the difference for this week around was that I was going to all 4 of them and so by the forth one I could quote just about every thing that was being said... I finally gave in and started another little sketch/design book that kept me mostly entertained and you might see some samples of it one of these days... no promises because I don't have a heck of a lot of time but maybe on one of these p-days I'll throw it together.

The point of talking of all these zone conferences is that Sister Albright had me design some things for her to pass out and my favorite one was this one. She handed me this quote (which i thought of as 2 quotes) and said she wanted a magnet made out of it and to have at it. So off i went and this was the end result. (mom if you want one I'll see what I can do :P) Overall I think it turned out pretty well but I'm open to some critiquing, granted they are already handed out so it wouldn't matter much but would increase my design skills.

This week has been pretty crazy though... Both my comp and I are rather brain dead from hearing the same meeting 4 days in a row. but aside from that there have been some fun things happening. One of my friends got her mission call to Kobe, Japan mission which is pretty darn sweet and I am slightly jealous but mostly excited for her. The other thing that is worth mentioning might take a while so i will start a new paragraph (if you cant tell I'm still pretty horrible as far as writing goes :P)

So we were leaving home from finishing up a power point in the office for the next zone conference and it was about 9 30 or so and right when we open the door we hear this chanting going on across the parking lot.... "we love you! We love you! We Love you!" so first thing that goes through my head is welcome to virginia (the reason for that is when i was training whenever something odd happened thats what i would tell my greenie) but as i walk out into the parking lot i see these people standing in front of a parking spot as someone is backing out saying that chant. Once they are finished backing out and were ready to drive off they start screaming and waving there hands in the air and then they walk back inside... By that time my comp and i our in the comfort of our car laughing our heads off wondering what on earth is going on.

Well on that note I must be leaving now

We love you!


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  1. You're in Virginia? I didn't even know you had left. We're super out of touch. It's been awhile, huh? Burke is like an hour away from where I used to live in VA. How long have you been out? Am I allowed to comment on your blog like this? Can you email or just send letters?


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