Saturday, February 11, 2012

Pretty uneventful this time around...

Well this week was overall uneventful this week (in case the title didn't give that part away). Seems like it is still Monday or something of the sort but alas here I sit on a Saturday morning sending out my emails.

I suppose as I think on it this week wasn't entirely uneventful. I had the opportunity to go see a GMU basketball game on Wednesday with the some people in the mission which was pretty fun. Felt kinda odd to be at a game but it was good. No tee shirts or injuries though so I must say it was a let down :P he he. A couple hours before the game I was asked to throw a little business type card together for Leadership meeting which was taking place the next day and so below is what I was able to come up with. Front and back of the card.

It was pretty cool because I never thought I would have to do mid-night runs to fedex while i was on my mission so hoo ha for that. I think this card turned out a lot better then the sheep you saw earlier. Well I guess they aren't even really the same style of design but as far as coming out of the printer. I was worried about how i was going to tie in each zones goal for the month but I think the solution that I can up with looks pretty good but toss some feedback my way. For the record I would have never put that logo on the back but I was forced to. They tried to force me to put some other things on it but it would have completely ruined the design so I did what my parents are so familiar with me doing... sure (i'll leave it at that he he). I'm pretty happy with how it turned out overall though aside from fedex only having 100lb paper... that was a let down.

Another slightly exciting thing happened yesterday. I got to go spend 800 dollars and while doing so I got talking to this guy in the store for 30 min or so about his religion as well as ours and we left on rather good terms. He gave me a cooly little pen as well as advice on buying watches as well. Oh the reason for spending 800 dollars was on some mattresses for the mission but thats not nearly as exciting as just saying I got to spend 800 dollars... The guy was also nice enough to leave us with his cell number in case we ever need anything to give him a call. He said he would hook us up with 50% off a pillow that I liked he he. Was a nice guy over all though and says he wants to go to the visitors center sometime so we will see what comes of it. He said it would happen probably in the summer so I might not be here but that doesn't matter much.

Another thing worth mentioning is that it was my sisters b day this week. Happy b day! hope it was a good one! That little one is a blogger to the end, or at least she was when I left. I am often congratulated by her on being able to keep my blog up to date which I more then not fail at. Also I forgot to mention last time but my sis had her first baby as well so that makes uncle x4.


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