Monday, January 30, 2012

That fell apart faster then i thought...

I have failed as of lately as far as updating this darn thing but I feel, being on my misison, i can throw out the excuse that i have been busy... exspecialy with my current calling being as it is.  I'll keep it a secret just to be nice and entertaining for all of you guys.  If you guys really want me to tell I 'll think about it :)

It seems communication has come to a stand still with back home... my guess would be something exciting happened on my sisters end with her baby.  One can only hope that everything is alright with her but alas what can I do but keep busy :P

I have had a rekindling desire for graphic design as of lately and I have put together a magnet for sister albright which i will post here when I get around to it.  For right now I am on the road towards there house so I dont have access to the file right now.... But another thing that I have grown to miss is my DSLR... I have been tlaking about it with a bud of mine who skated a lot back home and he has got me really wanting to try to set up some shots for skaters.  which of course as i think about that it on ly makes me miss talking pictures more and more.  Id say its about to the point of having my fam send out my camera... but I will think about it for now.  (just a heads up fam!)

Well my thoughts are scattered like crazy because I find it hard to focus on just one topic while im in the car (especially when trying to keep conversation with my comp who is driving) so sorry once again for a messy post promising a future post full of more meaningful information but that is all this one will have to be... for I have reached my destination :)

I love you all! dont be afraid to send a little hello my way.


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  1. Hey there! Remember me? It's certainly been a while haha. So I was flirting with the idea of sending you a letter since you mentioned it. However, you also mentioned that you will likely be transferred soon. Should I wait until you have a more stable address?


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