Saturday, February 25, 2012

The Event....(did that show ever make it?)

This week was interesting to say the least... It started out being one of the worst weeks I've had in a while.  It all started with that temple trip to dc...  Now the temple trip itself was grand but on the way home from the temple something rather tragic happened.... My ipod ceased to exist... well the button that woke it up ceased to exist.  Now music has been one of the only things to keep me sain on my mission and especially while serving in the office.  Its a great way to just relax a little bit and let out all your frustrations. something not very good to loose.

With that going through my head I call tech support and see if they can do anything and of course it is 2 months out of warrently so they want  70 dollars to fix it... Now if any of you remember how I am that wont do... I would much rather just fix it myself and so I pull out the hair dryer that I got from a member and start dissasembling (the hair dryer is to melt the glue so you can get the screen off).  Well we came across a problem of I couldnt turn my ipod off while i was working with it because the power button was the one that was broken and I fear I might have messed it up even more.  But I have to wait tell I find a good spacer for the button (all that was wrong with the button was a little black dot that acted as a spacer was missing. Piece of crap Apple making there buttons cheap)  Once I find an effective spacer I will cut the battery and reconnect it, giving the system a complete restart.  Which will hopefully be all that is needed to get the pod rolling again.  On top of that my blender broke which was rather tragic because most of the food I have is ment to go through the blender to make a shake.... Granted I know what is wrong with the blender (its the same thing that happened to the tredmil a while back) I dont have the time really to rip it apart and find out what piece i need to buy.  And also that will only delay its failure from happening again so I'm considering buying another nicer blender to get me through the day.  Right now I am using my roommates :p.

Enough of the bad I'll just skip to the good now :)  Yesterday I had the honor of attending/speaking/confirming Autumn Car!  Autumn is one of the coolest people you will ever meet and belongs to one of the best families ever! the Carrs.  Elder Meitler and I tracted into them when we were together in November and after a few great months spent over at there house Autumn decided to get baptized.  The baptismal service was excellent and she was as happy as could be.  One of those moments where you complain that your check muscles are tired from smiling type happy.  -Man we sure had some fun times with her and her family.  When I left the area I brought over PVC pipe to make marsh mellow guns and we just had a huge Marsh mellow fight for a good hour or so.  When I saw the mom yesterday she said that she is still finding some mellows to this day. He he :)- The picture you see above is at the end of our top secret handshake.  I'm not allowed to show you the rest of it but i can tell you this much... It is pretty epic :P

Overall it was a great week! despite the death of my blender and ipod.  We has a few amazing lessons and I found one of my new fav Mormon Messages.   Which, after watching it 4 times the day I found it,  was used it in a lesson we taught that night as well. One of those tender mercies that the lord blesses us with daily.  This week was full of many more similar to that. Also without this video I the loss of my ipod would have been a lot more stressful but it reminded me of how much an ipod doesn't matter.  Still pretty ticked about it though :P

Well I  hope everybody is having a great week!  I could probably ramble on some more about things that happened this week but I will leave it at what I've got now.  touched on the main points so that should be good enough right? :)

I'll end it off with a glorious shot of me working on my ipod 


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