Monday, February 20, 2012

On a more enjoyable note

"its a new day, and it all gets better. Its a new life, thats what I'm told." It seems as of late I have become rather lost without the music I had back home... and sadly enough the music i have out here will be put on a stand still as my ipod just broke this morning so I am going to go pick up some tools that will hopefully allow me to fix it and keep my mind sain enough to function.  It is rather sad how reliant I am on music but it sure does help get me through a long day of office work :P

So in response to the few comments I've had a letter is the best way to get a hold of me but if you are super extreamly opposed to it then I will see what I can come up with... I'm sure we can figure something out.  As for the comments its hard for me to respond directly to them but I do get them in email form so I will be able to read them but wont be able to reply.

So today I got the unique opportunity to drive a bus full (I say bus because I currently drive a 12 passenger van) to the D.C. Temple which was awesome!  It wasn't even my zone but a good friend of mines Elder Johnson.  The reason I got to go was because they requested my van and so I told them I come with it :) but it was pretty fun.  The GPS that we used (elder bays) took us on the most random route which ended up with us going through just about all of DC which was rather interesting driving the beast through the city but it was pretty fun.. I grabbed a picture but I'm sadly not in it for I was driving but I will eventually edit this post and put it in here so it looks more pretty.  After we went to a childhood favorite of Chilis and I got some Chicken Crispers.  Overall a fabulous day and was much needed!  Oh today was our stake temple day so just about half of the ward I am currently serving in was there which was kinda funny.  They were hoping to get away from me but I sure fooled them. suckers!

Well I hope everyone had a great V-Day.  I'm a little out of the loop so thats about all I can say.

Love from the east


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