Monday, January 9, 2012

Well not much to say right now

I'm unsure how many weeks ive missed i know it has been at least one... but after the holidays things seemed to have slowed down a little bit.  Everyone ran back to work and entered into there anti social life never to be heard of again and so forth.  But everything has been going great! absolutly nothing to complain about. 
me my comp and my district leader have be started this insane work out schedual which has been killing me off but been working wonders so far!  Its amazing the diff you feel after you get a good work out in the morning in... Even if it starts out at 5 30 in the morning...
Elder Creager had return and report this last week and from what i can tell I'm not completely failing as his first compainion :P just slightly ha ha.  No he said all good things about me according to what he told me about it which is good to hear.  Hopefully he is as honest as i think he is. 
It is nearing the half way point of my misison and with that comes a lot of thoughts to sort out so if it seems that my mind is all over the place it is becasue it is... I still have a lot to sort out and a lot to change but all that will come with time. but all the while im surrounded by some amazing missionaries to keep me going strong.
Well as little as this is its all I've got for now but at least its something.
Until next week ( or the next :P)

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