Monday, December 19, 2011

Just another week...

Well this week went by rather fast... Not very much happened that is worthy of bringing up here so this might end up being a short one or one that has really no meaning behind it but thats alright.
I was sadly called to give a talk this past sunday.  and despite what you might think you sill hate talking even when your on your mission... if not more because you have next to no time to prepair because you still have obligations throughout the day and little time to prepair.  but thanks to my moms blog (A Christ Centered Christmas - not sure of the url but just google search that and you will find it, or I'll have my sis put the link up right here ;) Love you sis!) and a stack of 50+ old ensigns i was able to make it through the talk without too many people falling asleep or kicking me off. 
I'm trying to think if anything else out of the ordinary happened and the only thing i can think of is that I was pulled into the office once again to fix the presidents phone which took up a good portion of last night and I am now rather tired from going to bed late and getting up early :p but it needed to be done.  Although I fear that it is becoming more ordinary rather then out of the ordinary that I spend a night in the office doing some work but I go where I'm needed.  I was smart this time though and sent my companion with another set of missionaries so he didnt have to sit there all night bored out of his mind :) learned from the last time this adventure happened.
For any of you that like doing service and photography and are willing to help out there is a site that I love and always wanted to do this but never had the chance to put something together ( or the experience) but it is it is a site that goes and finds people that dont have the ability to take pictures for themselves and they give them a photoshoot and then prints it out for them.  Which when i first read it was like well... thats way sweet but how much does it help? and then I heard a story from someone who this happened too a long while ago. His dad was suffereing from cancer and at the time his kids couldnt come visit him out of fear of them bringing the lovely little sicknesses kids always get at christmas time.  Well the dad was asked what he wanted for christmas by this news reporter and the only thing the dad asked for was a photo of his kids.  Well pretty simple request right?  well the report went to his wife and asked if they were going to do that and found out that the family had no money at all after all of the expenses that the medical bills have brought on and so it was next to impossible for them to fullfill this.  Well the reporter called in one of his photographers and took a picture and sent it to the dad on christmas day as well as posted it in the paper.  As a result of that the dad was able to see his kids for christmas and the family also recieved provisions on that christmas day including a good number of toys.  and the familys life was touched! 
Well I would say check the site out and see if its something you can do.  Not sure how many photographers will read this but who knows it might catch a few eyes.  They have little teams set up all over the country and you can find out where on the site and you might be able to offer your assistance.  ( a little out of the loop so cant tell you much more) but thats my little speal to make it look like i had a lot going on this week :P when in truth it was just a normal old week on the mission. 

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