Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Darn Spanish...

Well as some of you are probably aware of I'm not the biggest fan of spanish... for whatever reason it just isn't my favorite language.  And so because of my dislike for the language I, of course, get thrown into the district that has a spanish district leader as well as 2 spanish companion ships... and on top of that i get a hispanic comp who lived in south america for the first 15 years of his life. More often then not they start carrying conversations amongst each other in spanish while i just sit there trying my hardest to follow along but having no desire to do so.  I have yet to find a way to get back at them but I'll work on it.
this past week was a lot better then the week before and for whatever reason went by way fast! Which seems to happen as you progress through these short 2 years...  Soon enough I will be back home wondering what to do with my life.  More importantly is what is happening this upcoming week though.. I should find out tonight or tomorrow whether or not I am being transfered and then transfers are on thursday so it is possible that next week i will be reporting from some distant land outside of manassas 2nd.... which I am perfectly fine with.
I have made a resolve to wake up at least by 6 every morning as opposed to 6 30 and the reason for this is because of a guy i talked to for a good hour and a half about the power of our the mind and how the first battle of the day is getting up in the morning and how if you get up before you are supposed to you are beating that first battle and the rest of the day you are leading your day as opposed to trying to catch up.  The talk I had with the guy was a lot deeper then i just explained it but thats probably all you get from it so it will have to do.  Hopefully I am able to do it but i have a long ways to go. 
Well I best be off to email my Mission Pres. 
Tell next week

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