Monday, December 12, 2011

Well... I lost my camera cable along the way

I have my camera here this time around but no cable to do anything with it... and i lack to motivation to run around asking for one so I will get one when i take a trip to the office today but that means no pictures tell next time... which is a dissapointment because I have quiet a few i would like to toss up here.
This week has been abnormaly crazy which was good because it kinda changed things up a little bit.  The day after transfers I was called by my good old office elder buddies to come into the office and help them.... one of the comps had crashed and they needed my help in fixing it. Which ment that my new comp, fresh out of the MTC, would be forced to sit in the office from 11 in the morning tell 9 at night while I fixed the computer and anything else that had fallen apart since i left the office a month and a half ago... which wasnt much becasue E. Hansen did a good job a lot of things go wrong the day after transfers.  Well pretty sure he slept the entire day and hated life... what a good way to spend the first day in the feild. asleep...
Well after all that happened I told him that the next day would be a whole lot better... well to start that day off we woke up to a soaking wet phone that worked long enough to wake me up at 6 30 but then quickly died after that... which was a bummer, I mean why couldnt it have died before the alarm went off so i could get some extra sleep and blam eit on the alarm clock :P oh well... We spent the entire morning, which meant missing his first full study day, trying to get a hold of people to tell them my phone was dead and that we needed a new one.  Well finaly we got a pretty sweet one from one of our members in the ward and spent the afternoon on the phone with tamara ( way nice sprint support lady from texas) trying to activate the phone.  Well after that we had to go on the hunt to get all the numbers we lost... well aftter stopping by two people we were meeting with we found a wallet on the ground which changed the priority to finding the owner as opposed to rebuilding my contact list. 
Once all that was done with the day kinda mellowed out and was relativly normal but it was overall a good weekend :P I recieved a call this morning saying they needed me in the office again and so I am headed back there again today but this time im gonna try and send my new comp with another set of missionaries so he can actually get out and do some work... poor guy.
I will make the promise for pictures next time.... and you may be attacked by a fair amount of them with a short story about them.
Elder mat Harb

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