Monday, December 5, 2011

Forgot my camera....

Well the reason for the lack of pictures this time around is because I, as usual, forgot to bring my camera cable to the library so i have no way of transfering over the pictures... but since this is still in the early stages and not very many people read it I think it might be a little forgivable this time around. One thing I figure would be good to put on here is my contact information in the event that someone does look at the this and flirts with the idea of sending me a letter.  Let me help you with that decision... A letter is always welcome and will be responded to as much as I am able so no need to flirt... simply to do. Another disclamer is I dont spend much time checking my own blog and so comments may be missed until a while after the matter so no need to get after me about it... We all have our shortcomings and that will be one of mine :P
This week overall has been pretty good.  Transfers are comeing up on thursday and the rumor on the street is that either me or my comp will be leaving so either way a change in scenory is about to take place which is always good to have.  Keeps you from slacking off too much.  I was able to play forbidden Island with a family this sunday and they loved it so I left it there for them to play over the week and I imagin we will be meeting back up to play antoher game or two later.  As well as share the gospel of course... The games are just a bonus :)  
Well now for the basic small talk because im out of thigns to talk about for a little bit... The Weather out here is finally starting to cool off a little which hopefully means snow is around the corner. Although i realize once that happens I will be wishing it never came but I miss the good old utah snow right now... All ive got is walking around in short sleeves ( in fact right now I'm wearing shorts getting ready to play sports with the zone)
Anywho here is my address for all those flirting with there minds.
Elder Harb
5242 Lyngate Ct.
Burke, VA 22015
This address will work my entire mission so no worries about it changing. 
Hope all is well in the normal world and I will talk to myself next week for all to read :P

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