Tuesday, June 29, 2010

been a while

It's hard to motivate myself to write on my blog considering i can really only think of one maybe two people who look at it but i've decided to continue doing it more for myself then others.

I have lately trying to break myself of my computer which has obviously been failing miserably but i would like to say that i have successfully stayed away from social networking sites (would you say blogging counted? if so then i fail....) so far breaking myself of computer has excluded watching death note and playing dragon age origins :) i think its hopeless :P

As i mentioned earlier i have started watching death note and i am loving it so far :) :) can't decide if its bad that when i first saw L i thought of me.... Anyway I've already watched the first 15 episodes maybe more. A couple nights ago i stayed up tell 3 watching it and forgot to check which episode i'm on because if i did i know i would have just started the next one :P

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