Tuesday, June 29, 2010

bareness of my blog

I was once so proud of what i did with my blog but now I've decided its far to bland and boring... looks like tomorrow may be a break out the rusty codding skills day and try to make it a little more interesting or at least more bearable. If anybody has some cooly gadgets they like let me know and i'll check them out!

One thing I'm thinking about doing is adding random countdowns after a learn how to make a flash countdown. think it might be a little interesting :) opinions?


  1. I like having a visitor counter. It helps motivate me to write when I can see that people are actually reading my blog.

  2. I like putting a poll on my blog....even though no one actually reads it:p

  3. okay commenting again
    try doing template designer.
    Its got cooley Ideas for backgrounds


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