Monday, May 24, 2010

Photo brainstorming

I am in need of assistance in brainstorming ideals of photos i can take. I have a few i may try but am always open for more :) anything is the limit let your imagination soar! I am looking for someone that will push my skills as far as lighting goes so the trickier the better!


  1. Try doing some food photography. I've heard it's really hard to get the lighting right when you're trying to make a dish appetizing.

    Try doing somebody sitting in tree branches. There's all sorts of weird light sitting up in a tree - shadows and random patches of light shining through leaves...

    Do some pictures at night with a person's face in front of car headlights.

    Take pictures of someone on a city street when it's nighttime. Then you'll have to play with the weird streetlights.

  2. How about you take some pics of your dream catchers?
    I think it will be cool in the sunlight...


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