Saturday, May 15, 2010


here is something i wrote a while ago after watching gladiator :) decided to post it after all... sorry for the long posts.

Who will help carry me?... in other words who have i helped, who has benefited from my life, who have i touched enough that they would have a desire to carry me? We all create are own legend, we are the center of a story but the question is who will remember our story? who will carry the legend of our lives to others. That question is simple to answer. it is the people who are a part of the legend. the little child you blessed with a candy bar, the lady you helped on the road side stranded. so now there is a tougher question... why don't we build the legend we want? why do we sit behind our desks watching the world go by hoping that someone will remember what we have done when we have done nothing? My legend has a very short span probably only a dozen or so who care about me enough to carry me, as well as my legend, in their hearts. but is that enough? or has my mind been corrupted from living in this world that i need more... that peoples life must revolve around me or should my legend be one of the silent hero? The person who creates the legend for self glory or the person who is creating his story for others? I think its both... part of me just wants to be remembered... wants to touch everyones life so that my legend might live on... why isnt 12 enough? I should be able to just accept the 12 who care about me. who will remember me, and focus on helping people just to help their story... not for self gain and let the 12 tell my tale... but then the question comes up that what if they have their story wrong? what if... they don't know me? that would make my legend a lie and the true me would then be forgotten... can i convince my self to trust 12 people with all of me? probably not....

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  1. Profound. Food for thought (and action). Thanks for sharing.


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