Tuesday, May 11, 2010


This is me having problems knowing what to say in blogs... had a few things i almost posted but they were just random thinkings that made absolutely no sense... which this one will probably end up being anyway oh well :P I need to at least post something once a week right? slowly corrupt myself to the blogging ways. I'm proud to say i bought some more sketch books today and plan on hopefully increasing my ability to draw and maybe even paint. and for those who watch heroes the next step after that is to paint my future :) although i have my doubts that anyone will be reading this so mostly that was for me :P made me feel like I was some part of an elite network of people who waste there days away watching TV which i would like to say isn't me. lately its the only way i've been able to get to sleep and even then it doesn't help much. I would like to apologize to anyone who has read this far. I realize my writing skills are pretty horrific which is one reason i've never bothered having a blog but right now i don't care. At the end of my post i would like to state that today was a relativly good day... made two things of salsa one of which was pretty gross but the other was delicious (sorry cassie maybe next time the sweet salsa will turn out better) and made a pero shake which i have fallen in love with... and thats all you get to hear from me. bye

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  1. :)Very nice cause you have a talent for art,
    I just know it!


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