Monday, April 2, 2012

Who would have thought....

So I made an important discovery this week... Well maybe not all that important but a discovery nonetheless.  I learned that it is indeed possible for an E350 to be towed, I also learned that towing companies often charge by weight as opposed to just towing our car which means that not all cars are treated equal... I also reconfirmed that my sweet mom and paps love me still.

This week would definitely have to fall under the category of crappy week.  Mostly because I have been fighting something fierce which leaves my body exhausted to the point of accidently falling asleep on the office floor for a decent amount of time.  Another reason for the crappy week is it consisted of a good chunk of angry missionaries calling requesting me to do things.  I don't mind the doing things but the angry doesn't fly very far in my book.   If your gonna ask me to do some ridiculous task that you are too lazy to do you better darn well be happy about it if you ask me :P  Then on top of all of that poor old Natasha (my van) got towed late at night while I stopped to check up on a missionary who is going home shortly due to back problems.

Despite the crappy week it ended well with being able to watch conference with some of my mission buddies at the stake center!  All in all though I am looking forward to this week... not because something fabulous is going to happen (there are a lot of great things happening this week) but mainly the fact that it is a new week and that its not last week.

On a different note... I have been trying to get E. Bay to open his easter packages all of this week and the man wont budge... he just waves them in our face trying to rub it in that he got 2 easter packages and we have none! (by wave I mean leave them sitting on the desk but wave sounds better) I look up to the man for his self control for everyone in the office has teased him about not opening them and he has held strong.  Not going to lie it would make my day if there was some things contained in there that needed to be refrigerated or opened right away.   My family expects me to do the same with my B-day package... We will see how strong I will hold... I'm thinking 30 min.

Well its time to go play som v-ball


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