Monday, April 16, 2012

Back in the field

Well I have now spent my last time in the office and have returned to more relaxing work of serving in the mission field.  The area i was placed in is close to the office still but it definitely isnt the office :P I am serving in the Fairfax ward.  I don't have much time to write a long email because I sent a long email to my fam today and I have a limited amount of time on the computers here in the libraries. 

I am real excited to be back in the field again and plan to take off running as fast as I can.  I said that the field is more relaxing then the office only becasue in the office you are worried about something 100% of the time. I would wake up in the morning, read a chapter out of the book of mormon and head to the office at 9 and be attacked by work until 9 at night sometimes even later, pulling nights as late as 1 if there was a meeting the next day.  In the field you don't really have that.  The things you are worried about is how to find and meet with people and oonce you meet with them the spirit kinda takes over.  Also the work done in the field is 100x more rewarding.  Just last night we taught an awesome spirit filled lesson which left us driving home feeling like 100 bucks and that we were on the top of the world.  Not once did I get that feeling in the office.  Makes missionary work so much more fullfililng when you get that feeling.

My companions name is E. Yates.  He played lacrosse at BYU just before he came out and has become one of my best Friends on the mission which makes me extremely excited  to be his companion for the next 6 weeks.  I imagine in the near future you will be getting some rather funny stories from our time together as well as some amazing miracles happening. 

I'll keep this one short and I'll tell more of what I've got planned for this transfer next time.  We have some pretty good plans we are going to do for district meetings and such.  For now though... this is all you get.

Peace out and I love you all. 


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