Tuesday, July 27, 2010

I'm still alive

I would just like to let people know im not dead :P just had an extremely boring week last week and saw no reason to post anything... so i appologize for having a boring life he he

The only thing that has happened this week is cassie came home from her vacation on sunday and since then i have beat her twice in settlers :) I have decided that anyone who doesnt like board games or who doesnt play them regularly is missing out :P and on that note anybody wanting to come play some games with cassie and I feel free to ask :) we love new victims!

Other then the return of cassie the only thing that has been happening is some rather odd dreams... one included a hippie cop arresting me. there were a few others but i seem to have forgotten.


  1. I agree with you about board games. I wish we were closer so we could wamp you two. ;)

  2. he he not even :P we have become masters!

  3. Say, Mat What is the photo here on your blogspot? At first It looked like pancakes to me, but as I looked closer I guess it is not eatable. I am so glad to see your blog but I admit I don't understand most of the things you talk about. I know very little about cameras and less about computers but I am your interested aunt. Love you.

  4. You are a really good board player.But I betcha I could beat you at Pokemon!!I challenge you to a rematch!!Oh and a hippo?not even weird compared to mine,it involved Mary Poppins and Darth Vader.
    I am still your loving sister


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